Return policy

How will the complaint be handled?

We will repair all repairable defects, if they cannot be repaired, we will make new shoes. If for any reason we are unable to terminate the complaint within the time limit of 30 days from the establishment of the complaint, we will refund the money back to your account.

If for any reason you send the goods back to barefoot barefoot s.r.o. , Please send us shoes with a completed information sheet. This will significantly speed up the processing of your application. Thank you.


I. General provisions

The Complaints Procedure is an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions of the seller bos barefoot sro, with its registered office at Mokrá I 314, Mladcová, 760 01 Zlín, IČ 05364752, DIČ CZ05364752, File number C 94935 kept at the Regional Court in Brno (no delivery address), hereinafter " seller ”or“ bos barefoot sro ”), and describes the procedure for how to approach complaints about goods purchased from bos barefoot sro.

The Buyer is obliged to get acquainted with the Complaints Procedure and the General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "GTC") before ordering the goods. At the same time, the buyer acknowledges that he is obliged to provide barefoot barefoot s.r.o. the necessary co-operation necessary for the settlement of the complaint, otherwise the deadlines are adequately extended by the time in which the buyer did not provide the required co-operation.

By concluding the purchase contract and taking over the goods from the seller, the buyer agrees with these Complaints Rules.

Definitions of terms contained in these Complaints Rules take precedence over definitions in the GTC. If these Complaints Rules do not define the term, it is understood in the meaning in which it is defined in the GTC. If it is not defined there either, it is understood in the sense in which it is used by law.

In the case of applying the service within the purchased or contracted service, this service intervention is governed exclusively by the conditions of the given service.

II. Quality guarantee

As proof of warranty, barefoot s.r.o. for each purchased goods, a proof of purchase (invoice) with the data specified by law, which are required for the application of the warranty (especially the name of the goods, the length of the warranty, price, quantity).

At the express request of the buyer bos barefoot s.r.o. provide a guarantee in the form of a guarantee certificate. By default, however, if the nature of the item allows it, the seller issues a proof of purchase of the item containing the stated data to the buyer instead of the warranty card.

If necessary with regard to the provided guarantee, bos barefoot s.r.o. in the guarantee certificate, explain in a comprehensible manner the content of the provided guarantee, state its scope, conditions, period of validity and the manner in which the claims arising from it can be asserted. In the warranty card bos barefoot s.r.o. at the same time, it shall state that the provision of the guarantee does not affect the rights of the buyer, which are related to the purchase of the item.

1. Deadline for exercising rights from defective performance

The period for exercising the rights arising from defective performance begins on the day the goods are taken over by the buyer, ie on the day stated on the proof of purchase or on the warranty card.

The deadline is:

for new consumer goods 24 months;
for new goods for entrepreneurs 12 months;
The period shall end on the day which, by number, coincides with the day on which it began and a corresponding number of months later. The length of the period in months is stated for each item in the seller's shop and is sufficiently marked on the proof of purchase.

The rights from the liability for defects of the goods for which the quality guarantee applies will expire if they have not been exercised within the specified period.

In the case of settling a complaint in the form of an exchange of goods, a new period does not run, the decisive period is the period beginning on the day of receipt of the goods by the buyer.

2. Quality at acceptance

The seller responds to the buyer that the item has no defects upon receipt. In particular, the seller is responsible to the buyer that at the time when the buyer took over the thing,

• the item has the characteristics agreed upon by the parties and, in the absence of an agreement, the characteristics described by the seller or the manufacturer or expected by the buyer with regard to the nature of the goods and on the basis of the advertising made by them.

• the thing is suitable for the purpose stated by the seller for its use or for which the thing of this kind is usually used.

• the item is in the appropriate quantity, measure or weight.

• the case complies with the requirements of legal regulations.

If the defect becomes apparent within six months of receipt, the item is deemed to have been defective at the time of receipt by the buyer, unless the seller proves otherwise.

III. Warranty conditions

1. Inspection of goods upon receipt

Upon personal acceptance from the seller, the buyer will check the received goods, their completeness and undamaged packaging.

Upon receipt from the carrier, the buyer will properly and carefully check the condition of the shipment (especially the number of packages, the integrity of the company tape with the logo, the integrity or damage to the packaging) according to the consignment note.

The buyer also checks the completeness of the goods on the day of receipt, especially that the package contains everything it should contain.

All discrepancies must be reported to the seller upon personal collection on site, marked upon receipt from the carrier in the handover protocol or the buyer may refuse to accept the shipment, or it is always possible to report to e-mail Furthermore, barefoot s.r.o. in case of takeover